Sunnus was established in 2002,specializes in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of LED lighting, supplier of Panasonic, Home depot and Paulmann, and export more than 20 million US dollars every year, 45% products to EU, 30% to South America, and 25% to Asia and Africa, have European branch in Spain.
Sunnus control the quality and the cost strictly , supply high quality products with good price, and delivery on time.
Company with all produce process for LED lighting, from Die casting workshop, Punch shop, Spray workshop, Injection workshop, Cutting workshop, SMT workshop, Driver making workshop
Sunnus has more than 200 employees, 170worker, 30 staff, professional team for mold design, PCB and electronic, and structure R&D, production and marketing. Such as electronic team are from SIEMENS Germany, structural team used to develop structural parts for apple.
We want to develop and grow up with you, and help you win more market share in your country .
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Quality Control System

We strictly control the quality,
in order to reach product consistency, stability, durability, higher cost performance and continuous efforts.

We carried out order production and quality control. For the sake of achieve quality control objectives,we should follow these steps:
1.Production department small batch production:
According to the requirements of the order, we will carry out small batch production of 10-50 pieces and follow the formal production process. If the qualified rate of small batch production is less than 90%, we will not carry out mass production. In this time, We need to carry out problem analysis, through out the material inspection, staff operation inspection, system implementation inspection, find out the reason and then carry out small batch until achieve requirements, we will carry out formal order production, to ensure that the production materials, personnel, system is normal. And the small batch of this part of the product has been in the aging state,until the order is completed shipment. If any quality problem occurs during the process, we are able to find timely , adjust and deal with it in time to ensure that the goods delivered to customers are perfect.
2. Pre-inspection of warehouse materials:
We set up the inspection area for production, all materials willl be fully inspected or sampled before storage, and the quality department confirmed before storage.
3.Production inspection system of quality department:
 In the production process of our production line every day, every 2-4 hours, the quality personnel shall carried out the inspection of the production line process、carry out sampling inspection on the materials and finished products of the production line. If we find any problem, we must stop or adjust it in time and deal with it . Only after meeting the requirements, we can continue to product it and ensure that there is no mass quality problem. Solve problems in time.
4. Workshop leader self-inspection mechanism:
Each production group has a leader, they will spend 15 minutes on self-inspection of products and materials in the workshop every 2 hours.
5. Quality reporting system of business department:
According to the production order, the business department will Generate fixed file of the production quality inspection result and send it to a customer, Making our customer can understand the whole process of the production , including text report, test report and picture data.
6.Aging system of production:
All of our products will be execute 100% aging. Electronic components are most vulnerable to problems within the first two hours of use,So our aging time is 2-4 hours.
7.Sampling Inspection system of quality department before delivery:
After the production is completed, the finished products will be put into storage. Before the goods are shipped and loaded into the container, the quality will inspect 1% from the ready goods. Including: packaging, labels, product appearance, test report, luminance uniformity, etc.

After-sales Service

Standby product:
If required by customers, we can provide another 0.5% based on the quantity of orders as standby(For example, we will provide another 50 pcs if the quantity of order is 10,000 pcs), which can help a lot when our customer meet an emergency. And it is also convenient for customer to sends samples to their clients if necessary.
Claim clause of quality risk:
We will be responsible if our product have met quality problems caused by its own during the warranty. ( we are free for any damage caused by abnormal usage and condition )
If quality risk happens, customers are required to report the quantity and provide the photos of defects. Meanwhile, 1-2 defects are recalled to our factory(freight will paid by ourselves). After a series strict technical analysis and test, the compensation below are taken into consideration if it is confirmed to be our own problem:
1.The defects will be recalled if necessary(freight paid by ourselves), or disposed by your willing.
2.We can make up the 100% quantity with qualified products according to your order and the freight will be paid by ourselves.
Terms of new product development and cooperation:
We have our own teams in electronic engineering and structural engineering with perfect test equipment.We are willing to develop new products and market together and make cooperation in products, new technology. If you need our help in development and coordination, please feel free to ask.We believe in the power and multiple possibility of cooperation.
Instruction of delivery:
The key to safe delivery lies in loading and choosing a proper logistics company.All shipments of our products will be standardized and orderly loaded by our own employees. In order to avoiding unnecessary damage, sending the cargo to the logistics company for loading is forbidden.Goods will be packed in our own factory if they are delivered by FCL, while we will arrange wagon for loading and then delivering the goods to port for containers packing if the goods are scattered.Other serviceIf there is a need in China,We have a professional technical team with professional testing equipment and are willing to help you test the products for free. What’s more, we can help you book domestic hotel and offer you suggestion for your business trip in Zhejiang province, which save plenty of time for you.


Sample List Management Details


This is the beginning of the cooperation after we receive your sample request,  we wil be professionally treated and will do the following:
1.We will write down your sample requirements on the sample sheet: specifications, power, CCT, PF, CRI, packaging.
2.After you confirm the sample list, then proof the sample to ensure that the requirements on the sample list are consistent with the sample.
3.After the sample is completed, we will perform a 4 hour aging test on the sample, then perform the darkroom test, and put the test report in the sample box and send it to you together.
4.The sample list is handed over to the business person who contacted you after the signature of the person in charge.
5.The sales will take three sets of photos the front, back, and packaged photos of the product.
6.After the sample sending, we will take a photo of the logistics list and send the photo to you immediately, let you know that the product has been sent.
7.We will keep the sample record and wait for your feedback.

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