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All of the downlight are made by our own customized molds.
        SUNNUS was established in 1999 by Lomax. We have been lighting field for 22 years, providing professional lighting solutions for Home Depot, Panasonic, PHILPS, SIMON, Paulmann, ADEO and LOTTE.    
        After 22 years development, we now have 3 manufacturing bases with 35000m² including independent workshops in Mold, Die-casting, Punch, Injection, NC, SMT, Driver manufacture, Assembly, Aging & Test etc. Besides, we have own SKD area, laboratory and IES equipment and 400 employees for different divisions. Our professional R&D team is specialized in Electronic circuit and structural design and Product analysis while the QC department takes fully responsibility for products we manufacture with extremely high standard. The experienced business team in domestic & overseas provides strong and professional customer service. We believe in ourselves and customers to work together, providing as much help as we can to win more business reputation and market share.

Our factory :


Our quality control process system:

We strictly control the quality, in order to reach product consistency, stability, durability, higher cost performance and continuous efforts.We carried out order production and quality control. For the sake of achieve quality control objectives,we should follow these steps:
1.Production department small batch production:
According to the requirements of the order, we will carry out small batch production of 10-50 pieces and follow the formal production process. If the qualified rate of small batch production is less than 90%, we will not carry out mass production. In this time, We need to carry out problem analysis, through out the material inspection, staff operation inspection, system implementation inspection, find out the reason and then carry out small batch until achieve requirements, we will carry out formal order production, to ensure that the production materials, personnel, system is normal. And the small batch of this part of the product has been in the aging state,until the order is completed shipment. If any quality problem occurs during the process, we are able to find timely , adjust and deal with it in time to ensure that the goods delivered to customers are perfect.
2. Pre-inspection of warehouse materials:
We set up the inspection area for production, all materials willl be fully inspected or sampled before storage, and the quality department confirmed before storage.
3.Production inspection system of quality department:
 In the production process of our production line every day, every 2-4 hours, the quality personnel shall carried out the inspection of the production line process、carry out sampling inspection on the materials and finished products of the production line. If we find any problem, we must stop or adjust it in time and deal with it . Only after meeting the requirements, we can continue to product it and ensure that there is no mass quality problem. Solve problems in time.
4. Workshop leader self-inspection mechanism:
Each production group has a leader, they will spend 15 minutes on self-inspection of products and materials in the workshop every 2 hours.
5. Quality reporting system of business department:
According to the production order, the business department will Generate fixed file of the production quality inspection result and send it to a customer, Making our customer can understand the whole process of the production , including text report, test report and picture data.

6.Aging system of production:
All of our products will be execute 100% aging. Electronic components are most vulnerable to problems within the first two hours of use,So our aging time is 2-4 hours.
 7.Sampling Inspection system of quality department before delivery:
After the production is completed, the finished products will be put into storage. Before the goods are shipped and loaded into the container, the quality will inspect 1% from the ready goods. Including: packaging, labels, product appearance, test report, luminance uniformity, etc.
LED Spot light



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