Regarding the quality, we promise:
l10 Years: A products guaranteed for fixedness and non-discoloration for 10 years.
l72 hours: A products passed the 72-hour sat spray test
lAnti-UV: A products with anti-UV
l100%: A products have passed more than 5 strict inspection processes.
l97%: Delivery accuracy is over 97% for whole year according to data statistics for decades.
l98%: Product consistency is over 98% according to data statistics for decades.
l98%: Customer satisfaction degree is over 98% according to data statistics for decades.
lBV: All our products are with BV standard.
Our partner: 
ØSimon (Spain) : since 2016
ØPaulmann (Germany) : since 2016
ØADEO (France) : since 2017
ØALDI (Germany) : since 2018
ØLIDL (Germany) : since 2018

Compared with metal materials, plastic ceiling lights have  higher cost performance:
A.Plastic has low density and light weight, which can reduce transportation costs and lighten the weight of the ceiling.
B.The price of plastic material is lower than metal.
C.Plastic does not need to be surface treated, so the production cost is lower.
D.Plastic molds can complete 1 million mold production cycle (aluminum alloy is usually 100-200,000 molds), production is more stable.

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